• Platform for creatives

    The Object is a generator of images created by Artificial Intelligence , an online store of real objects ( products ), but it is also an inspiration platform for creatives .

    Visual generative AI is sometimes a nebulous, evasive or boring tool. Many consume these tools for instant utility purposes.

    The Object is different. The images you find here you won't find anywhere else, and certainly not as easily. It's not just about creating from "nothing" or a basic character input field: there are artists, artistic movements and, if the objective is achieved, a certain beauty .

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Variations around the young girl with the raven.
Universe : Formal portraits of children with aristocratic rigidity
Subject : Girl holding a crow
Format : square, 1:1

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Variations around reflections on water in Magritte's universe
: René Magritte
Subject : Reflections on water
Format : Cinematic

  • Make you want to create

    This is the wish of The Object: to make people want to create.

    This artistic quality can then be deployed on The Object brand products, or any other support or project, based on a high definition visual. The AI-generated visuals here are royalty-free , even for commercial use .

  • Trigger the imagination

    The images generated on are not an end goal but a starting point . A trigger for the imagination . This is the best meaning that we can give to Artificial Intelligence in Art : it does not replace creativity , but provokes it.