• The Object?

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What is The Object?

  • IA + Art + Objet = The Object

    French 🇫🇷 company founded in 2023 in Paris, The Object is a brand which aims to democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI) dedicated to the aesthetics of everyday objects : posters, clothing (T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.), tote bags… There are just as many products that can be created and then ordered here.

    It is possible to purchase objects designed by the team but also to design your own AI creations here. The products are high quality (premium) and durable .

    The theobjectedition.com site is therefore both an online store and a platform which offers the possibility of easily creating images generated by Artificial Intelligence in three clicks , through its Object Generator .

    Artistic quality is at the heart of our concept.

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  • The concept

    The Object is an online store and a unique way in the world to easily, creatively and inspiringly generate objects by Artificial Intelligence, through our tool: The Object Generator. We have developed specific models of generative Artificial Intelligence cutting-edge visual and designed for Art and Aesthetics.

    Bringing AI out of the screens

    We are bringing AI into daily life by integrating it into high-quality, everyday objects, which you can order in our poster store or generate yourself in three clicks in our object generator, and receive at home.

  • Produce an emotion

    The object undertakes to participate in the integration of AI in the wake of human art.
    Behind the AI-generated images, there is not one creative mind, but millions. An algorithm, perpetually redefining itself, is responsible for picking here and there, in a partially random way, from the almost complete history of human art and its know-how, what best corresponds to its interpretation of a textual request. . From there can arise, sometimes, an emotion.

    "A Throw of the Dice will Never Abolish Chance"
    Stephane Mallarmé.

  • The platform

    The Object is a platform for both inspiration and creation. Addressed to the curious as well as to professionals looking for the best in AI to illustrate their work: illustrators, graphic artists, designers...
    Extreme accessibility and ease of use accompany futuristic technology.

  • The Object

    Finally, the essential principle behind The Object is the desire to integrate generative AI into daily life, beyond screens. The images are not necessarily intended to be confined to website illustrations or social networks.
    In this way, The Object is a brand but also a store offering objects illustrated by Artificial Intelligence.

  • Endless possibilities

    The evolution of AI is incessant and dazzling.
    The Object supports this evolution by continuously updating its models.
    The possibilities for integrating artificial intelligence into everyday life are inexhaustible.

  • Human, not human enough

    Artificial intelligence will never compete with the human mind and the reliefs of its imagination. It is a flat surface, nothing more, but it is carefully polished, reflecting the depths of its inventor's creative abilities.

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